US Fire Claims Administration - Travel Insurance Ripoff !

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Adventure Travel Insurance Ripoff !

In early 2011 I Purchased travel insurance through our trip coordinator and even paid extra for "adventure" travel since we were planning to do a mountain climb in Nepal.

Unfortunately I and another in my party experienced altitude sickness and decided to shorten our trip and not do the actual mountain climb. There was only one small medical clinic in this part of the mountain range and considering we were smart enough climbers to know what to do with altitude sickness, we saw no need to hike 20 miles out of our way back down the terrain only to have a doctor tell us 'yep you HAD altitude sickness, GO DOWN IN ELEVATION !'.

We headed down, felt better and flew to Katmandu to try to get an early flight out back to the U.S. but couldn't. We were stuck in Katmandu for 5 extra days costing the two of us extra hotel charges.

For the past 3 months I have been trying to get reimbursement from US Fire Claims but as of 8/11/2011 they denied my claim stating "the claim includes no medical documentation as required by policy".

An insurance company that insures mountain climbing travelers that expect to get some medical documentation, truly have no clue what they are insuring and it is ludicrous to think I should have gone to a doctor well after the experience of altitude sickness.

This insurance company is a CROCK, as expected they find any loop hole to not have to pay.

My point of documenting this at this point is to help spread the word on how bad US Fire Claims is in hopes others see this and think twice about wasting money on their fraudulent insurance !!

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I am impressed that there are two complaints, but I would have appreciated knowing whether the second individual was also an adventure traveler, and what documentation he was not able to provide. In other words, it's impossible to really compare insurance companies and the comments regarding their service if one is not aware of the particulars regarding each traveler.

(No, I'm not in insurance! I want to buy some - and would appreciate any advice.

It just seems that the first travelers didn't read their policy, and really could have supplied a doctor's note "as soon as humanly possible" once they were in civilization. No insurance company simply accepts your independent testimony.")


I have had a similar experience in regard to constant requests for further documentation. SAVE YOUR MONEY, DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!!

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